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leather Industry--Teseo Knives / Teseo Slitting Blades / Carbide Razor Blades / Teseo Blades / Leather Cutting Blades / Plotter Blades / Flat Blades

We can offer the carbide knives and blades for Teseo digital machinery. The Teseo mahines are the top of brands in the cutting leather industry. Many companies are choosing Teseo machine for production in the world. As the professional manufacturer, we are offer the best carbide knives and blades for the Teseo machines. Long lifetime and sharp edge are the features of our products.

If you are interested in our carbide blades, we can offer free samples for test.

Teseo Blades OEM Code: Teseo Blade 535000900 Teseo Blade 535083002 Teseo Blade 535090502 Teseo Blade 535091103 Teseo Blade 535091704 Teseo Blade 535091706 Teseo Blade 535091805 Teseo Blade 535092801 Teseo Blade 535092905 Teseo Blade 535093001 Teseo Blade 535093002 Teseo Blade 535093005 Teseo Blade 535095800 Teseo Blade 535097000 Teseo Blade 535097100 Teseo Blade 535097200 Teseo Blade 535090901 Teseo Blade 535091602 Teseo Blade 535091702 Teseo Blade 535091802, Teseo Blade 500003000,Teseo Blade 500060300,Teseo Blade 550058501

teseo 500060300
teseo 535097600
teseo 535091602
teseo 550058501
Teseo 500060300
Teseo 535097600
Teseo 535091602
Teseo 550058501
teseo 535091802
teseo 535090901
teseo 535091702
teseo T3000
Teseo 535091802
Teseo 535090901
Teseo 535091702
Teseo T3000

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