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Leather Industry ---- Atom Knives / Atom Blades / Leather Cutting Knives /Slitting Razor Blades / Carbide Razor Blades / Tungsten Carbide Slitting Knives / TC Knives / Atom Digital Cutters / Plotter Knives and Blades / ATOM FlashCut Blades

Makas Carbide Knives manufactures and supplies a full line of both STANDARD and CUSTOM leather cutting knives and blades. All of our standard leather cutting knives are manufactured to exceed the exact OEM standards. ATOM, Comelz, ELITRON, WILD, ZUND,Teseo, Kongsberg, Ekso, Aristo knives.

We are highly specialized in manufacturing custom leather cutting knives and blades per sample and drawing. If you need your custom leather cutting knives manufactured to your exact requirements, please contact us now to see how we can get you the quality knives exceeding your requirements at a competitive price and always delivered on time.

If you are interested in our carbide blades, we can offer free samples for test.

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