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At Makas Carbide Knives, we offer Carbide Circular Knives of good quality from long life materials. Our specialists help customers to choose right raw material combining hardness and brittleness important for any particular use of these circular knives. Our Circular Knives can be supplied up to the diameter 350 mm and as small as 20 mm diameter,with different numbers, hole diameters and bevel angles.

Circular Knives are used in wide variety of applications for their ability to slice through products. Many blades made for these applications require custom sizes and are made to request. Circular knives are offered in Solid Carbide. Our knives are precision ground and inspected for accuracy.

Features and advantages:
* Available for slitting of various materials
* Available in all types, shapes, sizes for all types of slitting operations
* Highly polished, super honed, precision cutting edges
* Precision tolerances ensures longer life
* Most popular sizes available in stock
* High speed dust free and precision slitting
*Grinds: Single Bevel, Compound Single Bevel, Double Bevel, Compound Double Bevel

Our solid carbide circular knives are widely used in:
1. Chemical industry
2. Recycling industry
3. Packaging industry
4. Film & Foil industry
5. Food industry
6. Paper & Pulp industry
7. Corrugated Cardboard industry
8. Tobacco industry
9. Rubber industry
10. Asbestos industry

Single Bevel
Compound Single Bevel
Double Bevel
Compound Double Bevel

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